Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 10 reasons why MySQL Experts Switch to SchoonerSQL

We just posted a new white paper called “Top 10 reasons why MySQL Experts Switch to SchoonerSQL”.
It talks about the critical features that many MySQL users were looking for all these years in terms of
·      High Availability
·      Ease of use
·      Performance benefits

Highlights below-

1.     Synchronous replication for InnoDB – Provides data consistency without any data loss or any lag
2.     Auto Failover inside a synchronous cluster- Instantaneous and hassle free
3.     Cluster Admin GUI- Easy and robust interface with extensive display of resource utilization
4.     Asynchronous parallel appliers for WAN- Amazing throughput with very less slave lag across WAN
5.     Auto WAN Failover replication- Seamless and there by minimizing the downtime
6.     Fast sync incremental recovery- Failed node recovers super fast
7.     One click instance creation and VIP provisioning
8.     One click online database migration
9.     Integrated hot backup- Incremental and scheduled 
10. Alerts in the GUI

You can download the detailed white paper in the link below

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Have you ever heard about “Read Masters” in MySQL??? Enterprise ready SchoonerSQL provides it.

Typical MySQL environment involves one Master receiving writes and multiple slaves to scale the reads.
The “slave” term has been used in MySQL because the Slave servers have to perform every task in copying from the Master binlog, then updating their relay logs and finally committing to the Slave databases. The Master plays no role in replication here other than storing the replication events in the binlog.

With this kind of Master- Slave set up, there are several limitations-

-       Slave lag
-       Stale or old data
-       Data loss
-       Manual failover which is error-prone and time consuming

In SchoonerSQL, there is no concept of “Slaves” inside synchronous cluster. We refer to it as "Read Masters" because of our synchronous approach and different replication architecture. It is through push mechanism of replication events coupled with faster processing of multiple parallel threads.
This ensures that that Master and all Read Master’s data in a synchronous cluster are always consistent. So you can insert the data in a Master and at the same time query it on our Read Masters for any latest updates. 

SchoonerSQL Synchronous Replication Architecture

Schooner's approach provides several benefits:

·      Zero Data Loss
·      Guaranteed Data Consistency across all nodes
·      No Stale Data
·      Zero Lag
·      Faster Response Time than traditional MySQL
·  Auto failover to any of the nodes in the cluster as the data is consistent & transparent to the user thereby achieving full service continuity.

This type of replication is very useful for Websites or Enterprises looking for a truly synchronous solution of MySQL-InnoDB with no lag.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Synchronous Replication for MySQL + InnoDB? Schooner Has It!!

MySQL with InnoDB has been proven to be the world’s best transactional database for web and enterprise. SchoonerSQL with parallel appliers has a unique approach to provide highly synchronous replication for your MySQL-InnoDB environment.
Schooner SQL is 100% compatible with MySQL and InnoDB.

Join the webinar on Tuesday, October 18 2011, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT
to learn more

This webinar discusses various replication solutions and explains why SchoonerSQL offers the best and the only synchronous replication solution with five 9s for MySQL-InnoDB

In this webinar, you will learn:
* Design and pros/cons of asynchronous, semi-synchronous, and synchronous replication
* Schooner’s synchronous replication to Read Masters
* How Schooner delivers zero data loss and no slave lag
* Schooner performance and throughput
* Competitive analysis