Monday, November 21, 2011

Achieving 99.999% Availability with SchoonerSQL

Five 9s or 99.999% availability is a popular term describing the highest service up-time in a year meaning the highest practical level of availability for most organizations. Its very hard to achieve five 9s in a database environment and needs plenty of hand-holding techniques. But Schooner’s approach and its replication flexibility have made this requirement easily achievable.

We have published a white paper called "Achieving five 9s with SchoonerSQL".  This white paper describes the architecture of SchoonerSQL™, a full HA build of MySQL and its standard InnoDB storage engine. This paper then explains how to use the flexible synchronous and asynchronous replication modes in SchoonerSQL to get five nines availability. The paper then describes  the recommended HA hardware setup for using SchoonerSQL.

You can download the detailed white paper from the link below

Friday, November 18, 2011

SchoonerSQL: True MySQL and InnoDB means Zero Vendor Lock-In

SchoonerSQL™ is and will remain 100% MySQL and InnoDB compliant, assuring that customer investments in MySQL are fully preserved. SchoonerSQL is not a rewrite of MySQL and InnoDB; SchoonerSQL is built using the MySQL and InnoDB commercial source code. Schooner rigorously sticks to this standard and does not introduce any incompatibilities that could lock in a customer to Schooner's products. Schooner has developed an extensive automated QA test suites and a large verification server farm to ensure standard compliance.  

SchoonerSQL enhances and optimizes MySQL, going beyond to provide many unique benefits such as:

1.    99.999% availability with auto fail-over across LAN/MAN/WAN
2.    Guarantees no data loss and no stale data with “synchronous read masters”
3.    High scalability and performance inside or across data centers
4.    Simplified GUI -> Monitor and Manage the entire server environment

These benefits are not available from any other MySQL distribution, with or without the various add-ons.
Our rigorous adherence to MySQL and InnoDB means that database users can anytime switch from community MySQL to SchoonerSQL or back. There's never any need to change schemas or data. Porting data from community MySQL and InnoDB to SchoonerSQL, which is an easy step, has several benefits and advantages:

1.    No migration problems
2.    Zero data type changes
3.    No running of special scripts or mysql_upgrade command to check         in-compatibilities
4.    Very little downtime
5.    No need to hire special database expertise

Consider an example: If a company X is presently using community MySQL, these are the simple steps it needs to follow after deciding to use SchoonerSQL:

1.    Backup data and transaction logs
2.    Backup MySQL configuration file(s)
3.    Uninstall community MySQL
4.    Install SchoonerSQL.
5.    Restore saved data and transaction logs.
6.    Put the proper settings into the instance configuration (using our GUI or by editing the new /etc/my.cnf file)
7.    Start the instance.

Same process applies to users who want to move back from SchoonerSQL to Community MySQL. No Vendor- Lock in.
To sum up, Schooner does not lock you in since we are fully standard based and 100% compatible with MySQL and InnoDB. Users can reap the benefits of SchoonerSQL features and never worry about vendor-lock in.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DBA Life Made Easy: The SchoonerSQL™ Cluster Admin GUI

There may be some DBAs and database developers who love spending hour after hour writing scripts for failover, monitoring and alerts for their MySQL replication environment, not to mention maintaining these scripts. And even with the best scripts, failover and recovery usually require tedious error-prone manual intervention. This complexity makes life harder for DBAs, who have to spend too much of their time fighting fires instead of spinning up new applications.

If you're a DBA or a Developer, Schooner feels your pain. SchoonerSQL, our full high-availability build of MySQL and its standard InnoDB storage engine, includes a Cluster Admin GUI that radically simplifies cluster administration. The SchoonerSQL Cluster Admin GUI is a powerful centralized management tool that can monitor, manage, and backup your entire database servers inside the datacenter. Replication setup has never been so easy with just few clicks in our GUI.

Join this webinar (Tuesday, November 29, 2011 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST)
for a demo of the visually appealing SchoonerSQL GUI, and see how it makes life easy for DBAs. In this webinar we cover:

·        Schooner Admin GUI and benefits
·        GUI deployment architecture
·        Monitoring and optimization
·        1-click instance creation and database migration
·        Assigning write and read VIPs
·        Auto failover and failback
·        Integrated hot backup and scheduling
·        Full database Restore
·        Email-based Alerts

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sneak Peek at SchoonerSQL 5.1 with Auto Failover Across WAN

Cross-region or cross-country datacenters are popular and often essential for databases that need enterprise-grade reliability and availability.
SchoonerSQL™ 5.1 provides an ideal solution for such scenarios with
  • Automatic WAN failover
  • Asynchronous parallel appliers across the data center for increased throughput 

    Join this webinar tomorrow (November 8th - 10 am PST) to learn how SchoonerSQL 5.1:
    • Maximizes service availability at high scale through its parallel threads approach
    • Provides superior disaster recovery with automatic WAN failover 
    • Ensures no lost data 
    • Radically simplifies the management of MySQL clusters