Monday, November 21, 2011

Achieving 99.999% Availability with SchoonerSQL

Five 9s or 99.999% availability is a popular term describing the highest service up-time in a year meaning the highest practical level of availability for most organizations. Its very hard to achieve five 9s in a database environment and needs plenty of hand-holding techniques. But Schooner’s approach and its replication flexibility have made this requirement easily achievable.

We have published a white paper called "Achieving five 9s with SchoonerSQL".  This white paper describes the architecture of SchoonerSQL™, a full HA build of MySQL and its standard InnoDB storage engine. This paper then explains how to use the flexible synchronous and asynchronous replication modes in SchoonerSQL to get five nines availability. The paper then describes  the recommended HA hardware setup for using SchoonerSQL.

You can download the detailed white paper from the link below

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