Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One SchoonerSQL node provides more throughput than nine Clustrix nodes - Part 1

Percona recently evaluated the performance of Clustrix appliances by running tpcc-mysql benchmark at a scale factor of 5000 warehouse.
Based on Percona’s blog, each Clustrix appliance node comprises of the following:
  • 2x Intel 4-core processors (Xeon)
  • 48GB RAM (40GB allocated to InnoDB buffer pool)
  • 7x Intel SSD G2 (160GB each), software RAID0
The following results are taken from the report for Clustrix (tpcc-mysql new-order transactions/ 10 seconds):

For convenience, the above results have been converted to TPM (transactions/minute):

You can download the detailed white paper here:
Clustrix_TPCC_Percona_White Paper

The SchoonerSQL Comparison
We were curious to see what a single instance of SchoonerSQL (a full distribution of MySQL/InnoDB)  on a single node could compare at the same benchmark scale - 5000 warehouses with the same benchmark, tpcc-mysql from Percona.

SchoonerSQL was installed on a system with the following configuration:
  • 2x Intel 6-core processors (Westmere)
  • 92GB DRAM (72GB used for InnoDB buffer pool)
  • 8x OCZ SSDs (200GB each) (can be alternatively replaced with FusionIO or Intel)
  • 2x SAS HDDs with NVRAM in RAID controller (for OS and commit log)
Result summary: At 64 connections with exactly the same workload conditions, a single SchoonerSQL node measured more throughput than 9 Clustrix nodes.

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