Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SchoonerSQL at Percona Live Conference 2012 – Booth #201

Come see Schooner at Percona Live Conference (Booth #201) and learn about SchoonerSQL’s approach to both sync and async replication with parallel appliers. Tired of stale or lagging data in MySQL? Learn how you can achieve data consistency and eliminate slave lag with SchoonerSQL while maintaining 100% compatibility with standard MySQL.
Zero changes required for your application if you have already deployed on MySQL. Visit the Schooner booth to learn more.

Experience a live GUI demo at the booth that will illustrate SchoonerSQL features in a real-world, hands-on format:
  • Instance provisioning and cluster management & monitoring via the Schooner Administrator (GUI)
  • Fault detection and automated failover within a LAN and across the WAN
  • Configuration of synchronous and asynchronous replication clusters
  • Online backup and restore
  • Event-driven e-mail alerts

Attend the Live Session “MySQL Replication: Pros and Cons”
Time: Thursday, April 12th @11:00 - 11:50
Location: Ballroom H
Speaker: Darpan Dinker, VP of Engineering

  • The use of synchronous replication in InnoDB to eliminate data loss and to provide cluster-wide data consistency
  • The use of parallelism and granular concurrency control with synchronous replication to fully exploit commodity servers and storage to maximize performance, resulting in huge datacenter consolidation
  • Extending base synchronous clusters with tightly coupled, parallel asynchronous replication to achieve auto-failover and consistency across geographically dispersed data centers


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