Thursday, March 15, 2012

One SchoonerSQL node provides more throughput than nine Clustrix nodes – Part 2

The Schooner performance team completed a report that documents a TPCC-mysql benchmark run at the scale of 5000 warehouses (about 500GB) to observe stability at high levels of throughput. The impetus for this run was a Clustrix (a Flash-memory storage based database appliance) report documenting the solution’s stability and scalability at 3, 6 and 9 cluster nodes using the same benchmark and at the same scale.

SchoonerSQL executed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server v6.2 installed on a commodity Dell server fitted with Fusion ioDriveDuo based Flash memory and the same amount of DRAM as 3 nodes of Clustrix (144GB).

The comprehensive report provides the following details (such that the results can be reproduced):
·      Charts that plot throughput and response time over the period of the run
·      Hardware profile output
·      InnoDB configuration for consistency, durability and sizing
·      MySQL show variables output
·      Layout of database related files on hard-drive and Flash memory
·      MySQL configuration (my.cnf) for SchoonerSQL
·      Exact output from the benchmark driver program

In direct comparison with Clustrix results, one SchoonerSQL node executed higher throughput than 9 nodes of Clustrix.

The SchoonerSQL report can be found at

One SchoonerSQL node provides more throughput than nine Clustrix nodes – Part 1


  1. I'm curious if you have a customized version of pt-summary (or the summary tool from Aspersa) that generated the hardware profile report. Or did you customize the output from that tool for the PDF?